The special network training of college teachers' morality educationhas been successfully concluded
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/06/16 | Views:

    To implement the opinion of Jiangsu Education Department on further strengthening the teachers' morality education, SLC organized and conducted the special network training of college teachers' morality education from November 2016 to May 2017. About 30 staff, including the Party Secretary of SLC, members of Party committee, secretaries of Party General Branches and Party Branches, some teachers and some counselors, took part in the training.

    SLC always adheres to place the teachers’ morality in the first place, place teachers’ morality at the top of teachers’ evaluation criterion; and regards imparting knowledge to students and educating students with good morality as the core contents. SLC will continually perfect the evaluating and checking methods of teachers’ morality, improve the long-acting mechanism of the construction of teachers’ morality; make the evaluation of teachers’ morality run through the whole process of teaching, scientific research and social service.

    All staff studied the training course carefully, conducted the theme panels, wrote the papers and took part in other training tasks.; and they all obtained the certificate of training hours.