SLC has arranged teacher and students to participate in the host raining class on peer education
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/04/18 | Views:

    To thoroughly implement the Implementing Plan of Youth Health Five-year Plan of Jiangsu Family Planning Association (in the year of 2014 to 2019) and promote the work of youth health education and AIDS prevention of SLC steadily, Yang Li, teacher of Committee of the Communist Youth League; along with four outstanding students, participated in the host raining class on peer education for college students from April 14th to 16th, and have been awarded the Certificate of Completion.

    Silicon Lake College has been selected to participate in the 2017 educational project of youth health held by Suzhou Municipal Family Planning Association. The training class adopted the teaching methods of group discussion, case analysis, as well as demonstration of peer education in accordance with the participatory training concept, with the aim of improving young students’ knowledge on sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, and AIDS prevention, and cultivating young students’ training skills in the activities of peer education.

    The enthusiasm for participating in the activities of youth health in SLC has been greatly improved; the development and growth of peer club has been promoted onto a new stage, which has strengthened the skills and leadership youth volunteers.