SLC won the second prize in the skills contest of cooking
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2016/12/12 | Views:

    With the careful organization of logistics alliance of higher vocational colleges in Suzhou, the skills contest of cooking was held in Shihu Campus of Suzhou Vocational Health College on December 10th 2016.

    The candidates from more than 20 higher vocational colleges in Suzhou participated in the contest. In accordance with the activity plan and selection criteria of the contest, the Logistics Office of SLC organized carefully and held a serial of siftings, and finally chose Kong Lingqun as the contestant. In the contest, Kong Lingqun performed well and won the second prize, which has brought honor to SLC. The comprehensive quality and professional skills of logistics staff have been greatly improved, the support capability of logistics service has been enhanced and the connection and communication between fellow higher institutions have been strengthened.