Secretary Gu Dinghong paid a visit to Bozhon(Suzhou) Precision Industry Technology Co.,Ltd
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2016/12/07 | Views:

    In the morning of December 6th, Gu Dinghong, Party Secretary of SLC; Gao Yeshen, Director of School-enterprises Cooperation Office; and Zhang Sheng, Director of Department of Mechanics & Automation Engineering and Information Engineering paid a visit to the headquarter of Bozhon(Suzhou) Precision Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. Ms. Han Xue, Special Assistant to GM; and Mr. Qu Min, Manager of HR department; received Secretary Gu’s visit.

    Both parties made a further communication on deepening the cooperation, expanding the cooperative projects, jointly cultivating talents and cultivating high tech talents for intelligent industries; they spoke highly of each other for the previous cooperation, and unanimously agreed that there would be more space for the deep cooperation.

    Secretary Gu warmly invited Baozong to attend the Cross-strait Science and Technology Forum, which would be held in SLC; and accepted the financial support for the forum from Baozong; meanwhile, both parties agreed that Mr. Yang, Chief of Industry Department of Baozong, would attend the Cross-strait Science and Technology Forum, and make a speech on behalf of Baozong.

    After the meeting, accompanied by Ms. Han Xue and Mr. Qu, the delegation of Secretary Gu visited the R&D Center and production line of Baozong.