Department of Cultural and Creative Industries
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    Department of Cultural and Creative Industries

    Department Profile

    As the secondary college of Silicon Lake College of Vocational Technology,  College of Cultural Creativity is set up to comply with the trend of the rapid development of national and international cultural creative industry and meet the social demand of applied talents, aims to cultivate compound talents with profound cultural and professional knowledge and consummate-technical ability. 


    Professor Sun Fuliang, the former president of Shanghai Theater Academy, the founder of Creativity College of Shanghai Theater Academy, the deputy chairman of Shanghai Creative Industry Association, is the honorary president of College of Cultural Creativity.


    Ms Shi Baofeng, the founder of Silicon Lake College of Vocational Technology, is the president of College of Cultural Creativity.


    1. Education Orientation

    To cultivate the talents for cultural creative industrial management and design, with abundant culture and art knowledge, originality, professional and technical ability, practical skills.


    2. Settings for Majors

    According to the characteristics of the cultural creative industry, we set up the following majors: Environmental Art Design, Art Design, Fashion Design, Film Advertisement, Architecture Design, Landscape Technology etc.


    3. Education Mode

    We adopt the teaching mode of combination of the integration of market-research-study-creativity and complete credit system. By setting up professor studios, cultural and creative industrial part for practice base, workshop at home and abroad, encouraging international traveling and learning, cultivating students to have profound professional knowledge, broad horizon and practical skills, we provide sufficient chances of employment and development to the students.


    4. Faculty

    It has an experienced and well-structured teaching team, and invited some famous artists and professors with professional theoretical knowledge as well as profound practical experience from Shanghai Theater Academy, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science etc to join in its teaching activities.


    There are 48 full-time teachers, 9 part-time teachers and 9 visiting professors; among those about 85% have dual-qualifications. It has professional labs, multi-media classrooms, nonlinear editing studios, professional studios, practical workshops for costume-making, photographic studios, professional exhibition hall etc.


    5. Employment Prospects

    As an emerging supportive industry, cultural creative industry is an industrial emphasis fostering industry.  With the transformation of our national economic development pattern and the arrival of “Created in China” times, cultural creative workers will be the tightest talents in our country.  And the appearance of large quantities of cultural creative enterprises will provide great developing room for them.

    For its 17-year development, it has cultivated more than 1,000 graduates, among them over 90% working for the enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta regions. They have become the fresh activists of “Created in China” and important applied artistic designers in China’s cultural creative industry.


    Cooperation between Schools and Enterprises

         Shanghai Creative Industry Association

         Cultural Creative Industry Research Center of Shanghai Theater Academy

         Dong-nan-dong Creative Industry Park

         Shanghai the Bridge 8 Creative Industry Park

         Shanghai Hongfang Creative Industry Park

         Shanghai Mingda Creative Industry Plaza

         Kunshan Hongmen Plastics Co., LTD

         Shanghai Zhongyi Design Co., LTD

         Suzhou Lantin Garden Construction Co., LTD

         Kunshan Linda Planning and Advertising Company

         Suzhou Fabeisi Crafts Co., LTD

         Jiwa Association (ICIAD)

         Shanghai cherry Island (Japanese) Garment Design Co. Ltd

         Changshu Navigator Fashion Design Co. Ltd 

         Changzhou International Film and television Animation Base


     Major profile


    1. Environmental Art Design

    Training Goal: It has two directions: interior design and architectural sight design, aims to develop students’ creativity and imagination by learning systematic basic theory and doing series of interior and exterior design projects, to cultivate students to apply professional skills and artistic techniques in original design to meet environmental demands, functional and space requirements, people’s physical and psychological demands, marker and ecological requirements.


    Field of Employment: to do various types of landscape artistic designing, garden designing, architecture designing, lighting designing, public art designing, indoor and outdoor designing in large landscape design institutes, architectural design institutes, landscape design firms, real estate company etc.


    Core Courses: 3DS MAX Environment Art CAD, Interior Space Design, Office Space Design, Villa Space Design, Landscape Planning and Design, Model Making, Landscape Architectural Design, Principals of Building Construction, etc.

    Professional Certificate: Chinese Interior Decoration Association Designer, International Commercial Artist, the 3D Digital Senior Designer 


    2. Art Design

    Training Goal: It has two directions: Graphic Advisement and Visual Communication, with six core modules: computer-aided software design, package design, book design, advertisement design, the overall design of CI corporate image recognition, and exhibition design, to cultivate creative professional talents with strong originality and professional skills.


    Field of Employment: to do company designing, designing management and market-developing in large Chinese and foreign enterprises, design companies, etc.

    Core Courses: CorelDraw Software, Illustrator Software, Photoshop Software, Logo Design, Display Advertising Design, the Design and Arrangement of the Font, Advertisement Design, Display Software Design, Flash Design, CI Design, Design and Manufacture of Packaging, Book Blinding Design, etc.


    Professional Certificate: Intermediate Photographer Qualification Certificate (issued by the State Department of Labor Security of Society), Graphic Design Occupation Skills Certificate (Issued by the State Ministry of Information Industry), International commercial artist-Graphic design (issued by the State Department of Labor Security of Society)


    3. Design of Fashion Costumes

    Training Goal: to cultivate students’ adaptability to Chinese and foreign modern clothing market demand, to cultivate students’ artistic accomplishments and clothing-making capacity, to cultivate creative compound talents with advanced design concept and innovative thinking and artistic expressivity, engaged in fashion design, design management and other related work.


    Field of Employment: engaged in the fields of fashion design, clothing process planning, clothing trade, clothing education, clothing CAD, clothing-professional media, etc.


    Core Courses: Fashionable Dress Painting, the Basic Design of Clothing, Thematic Fashion Design, Clothing CAD, Skirt Structure and Process Design, Pants Structure and Process Design, Women's Structure and Process Design, Men's Structure and Process Design, Three Dimensional Cutting, Computer Fashion Design, Plate Making Clothing and Grading, Design and Production of Apparel Collocation, Fashion Brand Planning and Promotion, etc.


    Professional Certificate: Fashion Design and Customization Professional, Clothing CAD Qualification Certificate, International Commercial Art Designer


    4. Film Advertisement

    Training Goal: to master the basic theory on originality and planning, advertising copy, advertising psychology, to improve the ability of practice in producing TV advertisement, making three dimensional animation, filming, camera shooting and non-liner editing, to cultivate the compound talents of high professional quality and cultural accomplishments, working in the fields of advertisement, film and TV department, the propaganda department of enterprises and institutions, etc.


    Field of Employment: involved in the design of directing and producing, late-effect making, late-editing, editing, reporting, etc in regional TV stations, film and TV advertisement companies.


    Core Courses: TV Advertisement Creation, Short Film Creation, Advertising Copy, Television Advertising Effects, Non-linear Editing, Three-dimensional Animation, Post Synthesis and Special Effects Production, Three Dimensional Animation Design, Photography and Video, Advertisement Planning, Advertising Design.


    Professional Certificate: Intermediate, Senior Photographer, Three Dimensional Animation Designer Qualification Certificate


    5. Landscape Technology

    Training Goal: It has two directions: landscape planning and design, urban planning and managing, to master basic theory and professional skills in landscape planning and design, computer-aided design, garden plant landscape design, to cultivate applied professional talents in landscape planning, landscape design, city landscape ecological protection, tourism developing, small town planning and managing.


    Field of Employment: engaged in urban and garden planning and design, urban construction and management, the management of construction enterprises in landscape planning and design company, garden planning and design company, real estate company, construction company and government agencies.


    Core Courses: Landscape Architecture Design, Park Green Design, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Surveying, Landscape Flower Science, Landscape Dendrology, Landscape Planning and Design, Urban Green Space System Planning, Computer-aided Design, Landscape Engineering, Landscape Engineering Project Management, Professional Practice, etc


    Professional Certificate: CAD Intermediate Certificate, Construction Technician, Data Processor, Quality Inspector, Materials Inspector, Landscaping Intermediate Certificate


    6. Architectural Design

    Training Goal: It has two directions: architecture design and architecture decorating.  To train students to master basic theory and skills of architecture design; to cultivate applied professional personnel in architecture design, planning and managing; to train students to master basic theory and skills of architecture decorating and architecture decoration engineering; to cultivate applied professional personnel in architecture decoration design, architecture decoration construction and management.


    Field of Employment: involved in architecture design and architecture management in building design institute, planning and design institute, building decoration engineering company, real estate development company, construction enterprises, etc

    Core Courses: Art of Architecture, Architectural Drawing, Architectural Material, Form Construction, Shadow and Perspective, Principles of Architectural Design, Public Building Design, Interior Design, Building Construction, Building Equipment, Architectural Mechanics and Structure, Residential Planning, Architecture of Computer-aided DesignAutoCAD、Photoshop、Sketchup、3D Max), History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture, Modern Architecture, etc.


    Professional Certificate: CAD Intermediate Certificate, Construction Technician, Data Processor, Quality Inspector, Materials Inspector, Interior Designer