Department of Mechanics & Automation Engineering and Information Engineering
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    Department of Mechanics & Automation Engineering and Information Engineering

    It has eight majors: Automobile Application Technology, Service and Marketing on Automobile Technology, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Mechatronics Technology, Computer Application Technology, Computer Network Technology, Electric Automation Technology and Application of Electronic Technology.


    It has set the following training places for majors of Automobile Application Technology and Service and Marketing on Automobile Technology: auto-engine training room, auto- body and chassis training room, comprehensive auto- maintenance training room, auto-electrical training room, auto-chassis electric control training room, engine electric control training room, auto AT training room, auto air-conditioning training room, etc. Through skill training, Students from those two majors have an access to acquiring several certificates issued by the State Department of Human Resources & Social Security.  Junior and Senior Skill Certificates of Auto-maintenance, Automobile Marketing Division Certificate, Used Car Appraisal Officer Certificate, Auto appraisal of Damage Division Certificate are just a few of them.


    The majors of Mold Design & Manufacturing and Mechatronics Technology are equipped with a CNC machining center, Mold disassembly & assembly training rooms, programmable and controllable training rooms, as well as advanced and specialized computer rooms for mold design and CNC programming. All those favorable facilities can enable students to master modern design and manufacturing methods in the possible short run. Via skill training, students may have a chance to get such certificates as CNC machine operator, CAD, assistant mold designer, assistant electrical engineer, etc.


    It has built several professional experimental training rooms, for example, Rujie networks lab, single-chip microcontroller laboratory, computer assembly and disassembly laboratory, etc. It has established close cooperative relations with dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises, such as Renbao (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd., Asia's Electronic Technology Limited Company, and Shanghai Bijiebi Information Limited Company, and has set up several practical bases outside school, which provides better condition for practical teaching.


    To cultivate quick and applied talents for companies, it has reached college-enterprise –joint-training agreements with over 20 companies in Yangtze River Delta region, a comparatively developed area in China, which has generated a good relationship between production and education, creating opportunities for students’ practice and internship.


    Major Profile

    1. Automobile Application Technology

    Training Goal: to cultivate entrepreneurial talents with both theories about modern auto inspect and maintenance and correspondent practical and operating skills as well as strong practical capabilities.


    Field of Employment: With a one-time employment rate above 95% over all these years, the majority of graduates have been doing jobs in the fields like auto inspection and maintenance, auto 4S shop reception management, auto maintenance and after-sales management, along with auto transportation engineering management, etc..

    Core Courses: Auto Engine Structure & Maintenance, Chassis Structure & Maintenance, Auto Electrical Equipment Structure & Maintenance, Structure & Maintenance of Auto Electrical Control System, Auto Performance Test and Fault Detection, Auto Maintenance Enterprise Management, Comprehensive Auto Maintenance & Inspection Training, Auto Electric Control Training, Auto Assembly & Disassembly Training, etc.


    2. Service and Marketing on Automobile Technology

    Training Goal: to train students to have a general knowledge of modern auto structure and principles, auto inspect and maintenance and to master both marketing theories and skills about service of automobile technology to be entrepreneurial talents with practical skills and management ability.


    Field of Employment: With the one-time employment rate above 95% all over these years, graduates of this major are mainly employed to do jobs like auto and auto parts sales, receptionist in automobile 4s shops, auto insurance claims for loss, used car appraisal and sales, etc..


    Core Courses: Auto Structure & Maintenance, Auto Electrical Equipment Structure& Maintenance, Auto Marketing, Auto Insurance Claims, Used Car Appraisal & Assessment, Auto Marketing& Insurance Training, Simulation Training of Auto Marketing, Automobile 4S Shop Management Training, etc..


    3. Mold Design and Manufacturing

    Training Goal: to trains students to master basic theories about mold design and manufacturing, mold CAD/CAM to obtain skills of analysis and capacity about mold manufacturing technology, as well as skills of design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance towards moulds of medium complexity; to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents.


    Field of Employment:  the gross output value of China’s mold industry, the third of the world, is growing towards the trend of mass, precision, and complexity. Yet comparatively, there is a great shortage of talents with advanced mold technology. Therefore, the graduates have a promising prospect in the future. Most graduates are employed in manufacturing companies and professional mold enterprises in the southern area of Jiangsu Province, doing technical or managerial jobs like mold design, assembly, commissioning & maintenance, programming & operating of numerical control machine.


    Core Courses: Mechanical Drawing, Mold Material & Heat Treatment, Technology of Numerical Control Milling Programming, Mold Structure Design, Plastic Forming Process & Mold Design, Stamping Technology & Mold Design, NC Lathe Machining Training, NC Milling Machining Training, etc..


    4. Mechatronics Technology

    Training Goal: to train students to master basic theories and professional knowledge on mechanical technology and electrical technology and to have correspondent practical skills of mechatronics to be innovative and professional entrepreneurial talents engaged in the application, maintenance, installment, and sales of mechatronical products.


    Field of Employment: As an indispensible technology in the modern industry, mechatronical technology has been widely used in various fields of manufacturing world, which results in a huge demand of graduates with such skills. The graduates are mainly involved in NC lathe programming & operation, mechatronical equipment installment, debugging, maintenance, sales and management of mechatronical equipment, NC transformation of general machine lathes, monitoring and maintenance of automation system etc.


    Core Courses: Mechanical Drawing, Basic Mechanical Design, Application of SCM Technology, NC Lathe Programming Technology, NC Milling Programming Technology, Electrical Control and PLC Technology, NC Lathe System and Maintenance, Product Structure Design, NC Lathe Machining Training, NC Milling Machining Training, etc..


    Major Profiles
    5. Electric Automation Technology
    Training Objectives: to master the basic theory and professional skills of electrical automation, to cultivate the technical applied talents that can engage in the installation, design, debugging, maintenance of industrial electrical control equipments and systems.

    Employment Prospects: most of the graduates are employed by the enterprises the Yangtze River Delta region that engage in the installation, design, debugging, maintenance of industrial electrical control equipments and systems, sales and technical service of electrical equipment and manufacturing of integrated circuit.
    Core Courses: Electronics, Electrical Control Technology, Electronic Measurement Technique, Automatic Detection Technology, Principle and Application of Single Chip Microcomputer, PLC and its Application, Power Electronic Converter Technology, Motor Drive Technology, The Factory Power Supply, etc.

    6. Applied Electronic Technology
    Training Objectives: to master the basic theory and professional skills of electronic and integrated circuit, to cultivate the technical applied talents with the practical skills for simple designing, producing, installing and maintenance of the electronic and communication products.

    Employment Prospects: With the rapid development of electronic and integrated circuit technology, the electronic technical applied talents are in serious shortage, so the employment prospect is broad.  The enterprises and positions for graduates are as follows: electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises, electronic instrument enterprises, integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises, the communication industry; graduates of this major can engage in design, installation, maintenance of electronic equipments and electronic systems, maintenance, operation and management of computer equipments.

    Core Courses: Electronic Technology, Electronic Assembly Technology, Automatic Detection Technology, Electronic Circuit Simulation Design, Principle and Application of Single Chip Computer, Communication Technology, and Electronic Equipment Repair Technology

    7. Computer Application Technology
    Training Objectives: to understand the basic knowledge of computer software and hardware, to cultivate the technical applied talents with the relevant abilities and knowledge of the installation and maintenance of computer hardware, database maintenance, network management, software testing, website development, development of management system.

    Employment Prospects: Graduates can work in the following positions: word processing, information management, computer applied software development, maintenance and management of computer systems, management and update of database, construction and planning of website, website maintenance, computer sales and technical service, and IT service outsourcing.

    Core Courses: Java Program Design, WEB Technology, SQL Server Database Application, Software Engineering, Office Equipment Maintenance, Design and Production, Webpage E-commerce and E-government, IT Service Outsourcing Practices.

    8. Computer Network Technology
    Training Objectives: to understand the basic knowledge of computer networks, to cultivate the practical applied talents that can grasp the basic skills of website construction and planning, website management and maintenance, and can engage in the work of network system installation and maintenance of small and medium-sized enterprises, network system installation and maintenance, security system design, network information system security.

    Employment Prospects: Graduates can be engaged in the following positions of network management and maintenance, web site design and development, website maintenance, network system design, security system design, information system security management, and sales and service network equipments.

    Core Courses: Computer Network Engineering, Windows Server Application Technology, Network Equipment, Network Maintenance and Security Technology, Website Construction and Planning, Database Application, Network Construction of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise, Network System Integration