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    Kunshan Daily Report

    Talents Training Forum was held in SiliconLakeCollege


    Last week, Kunshan deepening cross-strait industrial cooperation experimental area, talents training forum was held in  Dongnandong cultural creative park ofSiliconLakeCollege. The experts from Kunshan Bureau of Education, Science and Technology Association, Taiwan Association and other more than 300 teachers and students of SLC to discuss the problem of talents training.


    When making the “Thirteen-five” plan,SiliconLakeCollegeclearly put forward that the college will meet the social and economic development needs in educational scale, training mode, talents level, major setting and the combination of production and education and serve for the transformation and upgrading of theTaiwanenterprises in Kunshan. The forum was carried out through mutual discussion, questions on the spot and so on. SLC knows more clearly about the school running orientation. It will close to Kunshan industrial development trend, set up professional oral confession, cultivate higher level of skilled professional and technical personnel, for the transformation and upgrading of kunshan innovation and development services.

    (GuanYuTin of Kunshan Daily)