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    Brief Introduction to the Cooperation Project between

    AIS ST HELENS Auckland New Zealand (AIS) and

    Silicon Lake College of Vocational Technology (SLC)


    Approved by Jiangsu Provincial Ministry of Education, Silicon Lake College of Vocational Technology (SLC) and AIS ST HELENS Auckland New Zealand, established friendly relations and signed a formal cooperation agreement, majoring in international business and tourism management, with the cooperation model of 3 + 1.5.


    AIS,located in Auckland ----- the biggest city in New Zealand, is an international business school, with the teachers and students from all over the world.  It offers following professionals and directions, such as, international trade, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, tourism management, language and culture, English teaching qualifications, information systems management, and so on; it also has the authority of awarding specialist, undergraduate and master's degree. It is the only cooperation college with Business Administration of Harvard University in New Zealand. All the courses taught in AIS are approved by NZQA and also recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.


    Up to 2015, more than 200 students have smoothly transferred from SLC to AIS, among which, the first and second batch students in the cooperation program have successfully graduated. Some graduates continue their study of post-graduate degree. Some graduates have found ideal work in New Zealand and applied for immigration. Some graduates have chosen to return to China for their own career, most of them work in foreign-funded enterprises in Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, etc. Since 2006, under the relevant spirit of "Regulations for operation of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run educational projects "and "Implementation of Regulations for operation of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run educational projects ", the Chinese Ministry of Education carried out a comprehensive inspection and review on all the cooperation programs of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, which lasted for more than one year. And among the 7 China-foreign cooperative institutions and 77 China-foreign cooperative programs, which have successfully passed the first round inspection, the cooperative program between SLC and AIS is one of them. International business and tourism management, two cooperative programs between SLC and AIS have formally obtained “Certificate of approval for operation of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run educational projects in the People’s Republic of China”. Meanwhile, in 2006, AIS has become one of the colleges in New Zealand, which are formally recommended by Educational monitoring network of China's Ministry of Education to the Chinese students. All these provide solid foundation for the cooperative project between SLC and AIS to improve and bring in quality educational resources, and to train more compound talents with international perspective.


    In December 2010, approved by Jiangsu Provincial Ministry of Education, the project validity of International Business and Tourism Management with AIS was extended to the end of December 2018. In September 2015,after the active negotiation of the two colleges, on the basis of the original cooperation the two colleges signed a cooperation agreement, its validity is for four years, thereafter automatically renew for another four years, that is “the Permit of the People’s  Republic of China or Chinese-foreign Cooperation in running programs” was extended until 2024.