• College Profile

    Silicon Lake College of Vocational Technology (SLC)


    20,000 graduates in 18 years        


    Silicon Lake College of Vocational Technology (SLC) is a private institution of higher learning with full boarding facilities. It was established in 1998 by Chinese-American educator and architect, Dr STEVE LIANG with the approval from China’s Ministry of Education. It became the first institute of higher learning in Kunshan City and was one of the earliest private institutions of higher learning in Jiangsu Province. In the past 18 years, SLC has successfully trained almost 20,000 graduates with a wide range of vocational and entrepreneurial skills.

    SLC occupies extensive land area of over 500 Chinese acres (approximately 34 hectares) and has buildings with total built-up areas of nearly 150,000 square metres.

    SLC currently has 8 departments and offers 36 different courses to prepare graduates with relevant skills to meet the demands of various industries. They include (1) Department of Mechanics & Automation Engineering and Information Engineering; (2) Department of Civil Engineering; (3) Department of Business Administration; (4) Department of Cultural and Creative Industries; (5) Department of Foundation Courses and Social Sciences; (6) Center for Biotechnology ;(7) Center for Research on Children’s Development and (8) College of Further Education.

    SLC has a current enrolment of 7000 students on its campus.


    Located adjacent toShanghaiwith excellent geographical advantage


    SLC is located in Kunshan City in Jiangsu in the greater Suzhou region and is adjacent to Shanghai. This is an area with excellent geographical advantage and enjoys rapid economic development.  Kunshan City was ranked the Number One County among China’s top 100 counties over 9 successive years.

    Kunshan has recently implemented comprehensive restructuring and upgrading to develop intelligent manufacturing industries, modern services as well as cultural and creative industries and strives to accelerate cross-Straits industrial cooperation in experimental zones to achieveChina’s aim of raising the nation’s standard of living. These efforts provide a unique regional advantage for SLC’s development and greatly benefit employment opportunities for SLC’s graduates.


    An institution with excellent academic staff and a conducive learning environment


    SLC was established based on its school motto “Responsibility and Honor” where its education philosophy places high importance on educating and cultivating creative and talented students with sound moral character. It firmly believes in the strategy of delivering high quality teaching methods to raise students’ performance, develop its own niches of excellence to become a well-respected institution.  By implementing reforms to the existing academic credit system with new experimental teaching styles and an honorary recognition system; creating a vibrant campus life with a variety of student organizations and introducing a new dormitory management system, SLC’s innovative approaches in raising the quality of their teaching methods have been widely recognised. In the past 5 years, its students have participated in various national and provincial level vocational skills competitions and have since received 51 group awards and 76 individual awards.

    SLC has an excellent full-time academic staff consisting of 205 members. Among them, 52 are senior teaching staff. 36% of the teaching staff hold Bachelor or Masters Degree while 78% of the teaching staff has dual qualifications.


    SLC graduates have specialized skills and excellent career opportunities


    SLC continues to respond to dynamic job market requirements with timely adjustments and improvements to its important key provincial level disciplines such as Business Administration and other leading college level disciplines including Building Technology, Automobile Application Technology, Electrical Automation Techniques, Environmental Art Design and Biotechnology and Its Applications. 

    Graduates of SLC have excellent employment opportunities in Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Shanghai where SLC collaborates with nearly 100 important enterprises to establish many different forms of industry collaboration which include internship training, customized industry training course development, apprenticeship training, practical on-site job skills and vocational training and many other industry partnership programs. Some of these notable enterprises include:

    ?     Kunshan  Hilton  Hotel 

    ?     Yuehai  International  Hotel 

    ?     Sany  Heavy  Industry  Co. Ltd. 

    ?     Lexy  Motor

    ?     Goodbaby  Group

    ?     Sino-Canadian  joint  venture  Royal  Wood  in  Suzhou

    ?     Makino  Machine Tool and

    ?     Tongjitang  Pharmaceutical  Co

    SLC actively encourages its students to continually upgrade their skills from diploma level courses to degree courses or enrol in Sino-foreign cooperative education programs as exchange students for their continual learning and career development.    

    For many years, the employment rate for SLC graduates at the beginning of each year is above 90% while the employment rate at the end of the year is above 96%. In 2014, the employment rate has increased to 98% while employers’ satisfaction rate with SLC graduates reached above 95%.


    An honest education mission earns SLC widespread national & provincial level recognition


    ?     “Dong-Nan-Dong” As “China’s Best Creative Park” Award 

    ?     “An Advanced, Self-Regulatory and Trustworthy Entity” National Award

    ?     Excellent Vocational Institution of Jiangsu Province Award

    ?     Top 100 Private Non-Profit Enterprise of Jiangsu Province Award 

    ?     Top Private Enterprise Award of Jiangsu Province

    ?     Safe School Environment Award of Jiangsu Province

    ?     Model Award for Party Building Works in Suzhou - Social Organization Category

    ?     Outstanding Dormitory Award for Higher Institutions in Jiangsu Province 

    ?     Outstanding Cafeteria Award for Higher Institutions in  Jiangsu  Province

    ?     International Certification of ISO9001 : 2008 for quality management system


    Media Coverage


    SLC’s achievements have been widely reported by various authoritative media including:

    ?     Guangming  Daily

    ?     View  Weekly

    ?     China  Education  Newspaper

    ?     CCTV-1  and  CCTV-News

    On May 2015, SLC successfully passed the Talents Cultivation in Higher Vocational Colleges Assessment and will enter into a new phase of development as it focuses on new reforms and development.


    Looking forward into a new era and to focus on scaling new heights


    UnderChina’s latest 13th Five-Year Plan for Social and Economic Development, SLC reaffirms its objective to continue providing quality education courses to meet the needs of Taiwanese business enterprises in Kunshan and also to those in the Yangtze River Delta regions. Its education mission is guided by principles involving philanthropy, globalization and application-based learning. SLC will embark on its next important mission to become a full-fledged university built on a people-oriented, eco-friendly and intelligent modern campus. It will focus on six (6) main areas namely to cultivate talent and build on its strengths; to strive for teaching excellence; to establish strong industry partnerships; to create innovative management practices; to seek opportunities for international collaboration and to relocate and rebuild new infrastructures to ensure that SLC becomes an efficient and unique educational institution that is managed by a clearly defined legal framework.