• Alumni Association of Jiangsu Province



    At SLC, we want to keep in touch with you after you have graduated. Our belief is that tertiary study is not a short-term activity, but rather a life-long link between students, staff and SLC.


    SLC alumni members are dispersed throughout the country some of them live overseas. The Alumni Association works to strengthen the relationship between the college and its alumni community by keeping you in touch with what is happening in Kunshan and in other centres around the country.


    We value our relationship with you. You are important to us because:

    ·     You keep us in touch with the past;

    ·     You are involved with the present, keeping our global communities vibrant; and

    ·      You look towards the future, helping us to create a better learning environment.

    Some of our alumni now hold positions such as vice-presidents, general managers, purchasing managers, finance directors, operations supervisors and account managers in a wide variety of industries around the country. Their careers are truly impressive.

    Alumni functions are held in conjunction with other events on campus and the other places around China.